The Entrepreneur Space Kitchen Incubator – A place where it is POSSIBLE for you to realize:

  • building a business is something you can do
  • you will be supported, nurtured, and advised as you take the steps to financial victory
  • with our help, you can grow your concept at your pace
  • our fully equipped kitchens mean that you don’t have to invest your life savings to begin this journey
You enter the incubator with your recipes and a dream! While starting a business is challenging – our goal is to help you succeed! Come join your fellow foodpreneurs in this exciting journey …
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Unique Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs will help you do what you need; give you the information you require so you can make an informed decision.
  • Business owners’ policy (BOP) which covers you and your business.

  • All manufactured products must have a Product Liability Policy which covers mishaps that occur during the manufacturing process.

  • Worker’s Compensation and Disability is a requirement for any business bringing in staff who is not an owner. This includes paid and unpaid staff (volunteers, interns, family, friends, etc).

For our kitchen application, you will apply for this insurance AFTER your application has been approved.

This depends on your product and how you sell it.

Please do not apply for any license until you have been approved to be a client of our kitchen; we will complete this together.

  • You will fall under the NYC Department of Health if you sell direct-to-consumer for immediate consumption (caterer, restaurant, food markets, etc.).

  • You would fall under the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets if the greater portion of your revenue is from wholesale, internet-based, or shipped products.

  • All food businesses must be registered with the FDA after licensing.

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene mandates at least one person onsite at a food establishment to be certified as a Food Protection Manager. Food establishments must have at least one certified Food Protection Manager during production hours. All owners are encouraged to have all of their employees to educate themselves on best food handling practices to prevent food borne illnesses.

Many perks come with being a contracted business at the Incubator.

  • Registering to become a member of the MIQ (Made In Queens) program where there are special popups and retail opportunities

  • Receiving weekly eblasts with timely information on sales opportunities; grants; webinars of interest; important information on trends.

  • Being able to reach the Managing Consultant or Client Services Manager with specific questions to help you grow your business

  • Special grant programs to assist you in marketing your business

  • Additional social media postings-when you send us information about your news we will add that to our facebook or instagram accounts.

  • Any frozen dessert products
  • Any meat products NOT sold direct to the consumer for immediate consumption
  • Certified kosher products
  • Certified gluten free (with qualifications)
  • Certified organic (with qualifications)
  • Products containing CBD or THC
  • Products containing alcohol, where the alcohol weighs more than 0.5% of your product’s total volume (Question # 19)
  • One-time-use only, i.e., clients that need to use kitchen for a single occasion. Our contracts have a one-year term.
  • Ghost Kitchen model: we cannot accommodate clients requiring a ghost kitchen model

How to Apply

Our application is thorough by design, in order to help you think through your business and ensure you are ready to move forward. Our business counselors are available for free to help you succeed at any and all stages of your business development.