An Example of What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

An Example of What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen

Auria’s story is much like many of us looking to have the flavors from home in our new home. Auria was born and raised in a tiny town called Seremban in Malaysia. She came to the US in the early 90’s to continue her studies at Berklee College of Music. While living in the college dorms, she would cook Malaysian meals for her friends who had grown tired of the same-old, same-old, cafeteria fare.

Auria began her commercial culinary journey at The Entrepreneur Space in 2013. She did all the things a new food venture should do: outgrow the incubator and move onto a co-working space; find a co-packer to manufacture some products, and eventually came full circle back to The Entrepreneur Space to launch new products.

A foodpreneur cannot sit still; ingredients may become scarce, new regulatory restrictions may be enforced, the consumer may be looking for new tastes, a foodpreneur must always be watching what is going on in the world around them.

See and hear Auria for yourself to understand why she is an award winning foodpreneur.