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Moving to the kitchen has allowed me to produce four times the amount of product in an eight-hour period, which allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my business.
Jill F. "Fretzels by Jill"
From helping us get our business set up with all the forms for the health department to teaching us how to use all the equipment in the kitchen to all the suggestions to help our business grow, THANK YOU!
Evelyn L. "Domi Foods"
If you are a budding entrepreneur in the food industry, this place offers an easy way to start your business. Being able to rent a shared kitchen space only when you need it is really great.
Devin N. Woofshire Farms
We are learning so much and are so grateful to everyone on the incredible staff. We can’t wait to grow and thrive more.
Laura D. "Djablo Sauce"
Great staff, very supportive and helpful. The kitchen is huge, well quipped, and the kitchen assistants are great.
Sherri R. "Quiaufa’s Kitchen"